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An employee wishing to resign shall send written notice to his/her Manager at least two (2) weeks' before the effective date of the resignation. An employee who terminates employment with the Company by resignation and who fails to give the required two (2) weeks' notice, shall be subject to loss of payment for wages or for any vacation or holiday credits up to an amount equal to the two (2) weeks' notice period.


Excepting dismissal for just cause, the Company will provide a probationary employee with two (2) weeks' notice of termination or two (2) weeks' pay in lieu thereof or an equivalent combination of notice and pay in lieu of notice equalling two (2) weeks.


The Company agrees to notify the Union within three (3) working days of all cases of suspension or termination, and within seven (7) working days ofother disciplinary action taken against employees covered by this Agreement. Any employee suspended pending an investigation, may at the Company’s sole discretion, be suspended with pay.

NOTE: For purposes of confidentiality, an employee may request in writing that the Union not be so notified.


The Company agrees that when a written record indicating a warning of possible future disciplinary action is to be placed in an employee's personnel file:

(1) The employee will be required to read and initial the record;

(2) Initialling the record does not necessarily signify concurrence;

(3) The record and any written employee comments will be retained in his/her personnel file;

(4) The employee will immediately be furnished with a personal copy of that record.


The employee shall have the right to have a Union Representative present at any disciplinary hearing if the employee so desires.


An employee is entitled to examine his/her complete personnel file kept in the Department in which he/she works or in the Human Resources Department, upon request to his/her immediate Manager or their Human Resources Business Partner Associate. Such request shall normally be made no more than once per year. The Manager shall maintain the right to schedule the number of appointments at any one time. After reviewing the file, the employee may discuss the file with the appropriate Manager(s) with a view to revising incorrect information, or to request updating or commendation where justified.


All letters or references of a disciplinary nature in an employee's personnel file shall be destroyed after two (2) years, providing there have been no further disciplinary letters placed within the employee’spersonnel file within that two (2) year period.


Excepting Probationary Employees, the Company shall not discipline or dismiss any employee bound by this Agreement except for just cause.

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