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2018-04-18Employment Opportunity
2018-04-12New and Noteworthy
2018-04-03Call for Delegates to the 59th Convention of the IFPTE
2018-03-202018 Board Meeting Minutes and Reports
2018-03-02New and Noteworthy (March 2, 2018)
2018-02-26WSN Women and Unions International Conference Call Series
2018-02-15Mel Myers Labour Conference
2018-02-082018 Manitoba Federation of Labour Convention
2018-02-06Dominick D. Critelli, Jr. Annual Scholarships
2018-01-31Bell Let's Talk Day
2018-01-30Workforce Downsizing and VRTIP
2018-01-18Downsizing in Bell MTS - Enhanced Departure Packages
2017-12-312017 Board Meeting Minutes and Reports
2017-11-23New and Noteworthy (November 23, 2017)
2017-09-26New and Noteworthy (Sep 26, 2017)
2017-09-07TEAM-IFPTE Local 161 Annual Scholarships
2017-08-03New and Noteworthy (Aug 3, 2017)
2017-06-09United Way Fundraiser - Winning Numbers
2017-06-01Take-a-Break & United Way Fundraiser
2017-05-01Enhanced VRTIP